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Morning Detox Tea


This is how I start most every morning, and what I recommend for anyone struggling with skin problems. Below I’ll share my blend of herbs that will support a healthy liver, and that means clear skin! The liver and skin are closely related- if our bodies cannot process and expel toxins properly, there’s a good chance it will show up in the least desirable of places- your face. Another great benefit of this tea is hydration- this is a 28 oz size serving and ensures adequate hydration after a night of sleep. This is really important!! I also add a lot of lemon juice, and that will provide a healthy dose of vitamin C- great for collagen production (anti-aging!), and helps to alkalize the body which is great for the immune system. So yeah, this is pretty much a wonder tea. I love it. I’ve also found that this tea helps me cut down on my coffee intake. I drink coffee when I want, usually a few times a week. But I always make sure to have this tea first. Sometimes I find this satisfying enough, and then by the time I’ve had my green smoothie and breakfast, there is no room or time remaining to have coffee.

And that’s a great rule of thumb, in general, for a healthy diet. Don’t look at it as limiting yourself or what you can’t have- but instead, look at all the healthy good things you can add to your diet. By incorporating more healthy foods and drinks into your routine, you simultaneously push out the less healthy things, and chances are you’re not going to miss them.

Every month or so I mix up a big jar of my herbal tea blend to store in the cupboard. This includes:


dandelion root


burdock root


red clover

tulsi (holy basil)

I usually add about 1-2 tbsp of this blend to my large (24oz) mason jar in the morning and steep for 15 min. If you steep overnight, that’s even better, but I usually lack the foresight to do so. I then strain the tea into another mason jar (a large french press would be handy here) and add the juice of 1 lemon- more if it’s not a super juicy one. Top off with a bit of water so that your jar is completely full- your body needs this hydration!

Drink this tea first thing, on an empty stomach. Your body and skin will thank you.





Rishi Tea


  1. This sounds wonderful! Where do you buy your herbs for the tea?

  2. You inspired me to whip up a new batch of tea! I’ve fallen away from it because it’s summer, but this is super important. Perhaps women with hormonal acne could also add in Raspberry Leaf for hormonal balance, too. Thanks, Aomi!

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